The EPI Test

the epi test

The ExoDx Prostate® (IntelliScore) – EPI – is a simple, non-invasive urine test that measures three important genomic RNA bio-markers which can be used by you and your physician in discussing your need for a prostate biopsy. This test helps you and your physician in making an informed prostate biopsy decision. 

This is a test designed for use in men 50 years and over with a PSA between 2–10 ng/ml who are being considered for initial biopsy.

How EPI Works

It starts with a simple urine sample

All you need is an order from your physician and a special urine collection device provided to your doctors office by Exosome Dx. No blood draw or DRE required.

We analyze the exosomes in your urine

Our proprietary technology is used to analyze your urine and provide an assessment of your risk of high-grade prostate cancer if biopsied.
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You and your physician participate in the shared decision making process regarding your need for a prostate biopsy

Within 3-5 days of the sample being received by our laboratory, your physician will have your results to share with you. Allowing you to make an informed decision about your need for a prostate biopsy.


Exosome Diagnostics is committed to providing you with the best billing outcome possible for the EPI test your physician orders.
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This test was evaluated and its performance characteristics determined by Exosome Diagnostics, Inc. It has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has determined that such clearance or approval is not necessary. Exosome Diagnostics is certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Act of 1988 as qualified to perform high complexity clinical testing. CLIA number – 22D2093470

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